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  1. Introduction to Marxism
  2. Ireland (Socialist-Republicanism)
  3. Current Events
    1. Covid-19 and Capitalist Crisis
    2. The EU and Brexit
    3. Irish Politics
  4. Marxist Economics
  5. Marxist Philosophy
  6. Modern Imperialism
  7. Scientific Socialism
    1. Revolutionary Movement and Organisation
    2. Revolution
  8. Marxist-Feminism
  9. LGBTQ+ Theory
  10. National Liberation
  11. Ecology & the Climate Crisis
  12. Fascism
  13. Socialist States
    1. Soviet Union
    2. China
    3. Cuba
    4. People’s Democracies
  14. History
    1. Origins of Capitalism
    2. Revolutionary History
  15. Revolutionary Lives
  16. Other Interesting Reads
  17. Films/Documentaries
  18. Fiction/Theatre
  19. YouTube

Introduction to Marxism

Principles of Communism – Friedrich Engels (pdf)
The Communist Manifesto – Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels (pdf)
Socialism Made Easy – James Connolly 
Karl Marx: A Brief Biographical Sketch With an Exposition of Marxism – V. I. Lenin
From Marx to Mao Tse-Tung: A Study in Revolutionary Dialectics – George Thomson
Basic Principles of Marxism-Leninism: A Primer – Jose Maria Sison
Blackshirts & Reds: Rational Fascism & the Overthrow of Communism – Michael Parenti
What is Marxism All About? – FIST

Paul Morrin: Socialism 101 (What is Communism, What is a Mode of Production?, Personal and Private Property)
The continued relevance of Karl Marx – Stiofán Ó’Nualláin
Capitalism vs. Reality – Michael Parenti

Radical Reflections: Debunking Anti-Communist MythsChallenging Capitalism: The Socialist Workplace, The Capitalist Illusion
Red Menace: The Fundamentals of Marxism: Historical Materialism, Dialectics, & Political Economy, The Communist Manifesto

Ireland (Socialist-Republicanism)

Socialism and Nationalism – James Connolly
Labour in Irish History – James Connolly
What Is A Free Nation? – James Connolly
Ireland Her Own – T. A. Jackson
British Imperialism in Ireland – Elinor Burns
Not Yet Emmet – Peadar O’Donnell
Revolutionary Works – Seamus Costello
The Lost Revolution: The Story of the Official IRA and the Workers’ Party – Brian Hanley & Scott Millar (epub)
An Essay on the History of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement – Ta Power
Sins of the Father: The Decisions that Shaped the Irish Economy – Conor McCabe
A Brief History of the Institutionalisation of Discrimination Against Irish Travellers – Sindy Joyce
The Rift of Éire – J. B. Foster & Brett Clark
To Protect and Serve? – RL, CYM

Sindy Joyce: Testimony at the 2017 Dublin Platform for Frontline Defenders
Paul Morrin: The History of Socialism in Ireland, Building Socialism with the Connolly Youth Movement, Marxism-Leninism, Republicanism, Ultra-Leftism

Irish History Show: The southern Irish economy since partition
The Irish Spark: Irish Soviets
Proles of the Round Table: Ireland and the CYM
Proles of the Minyan: CYM & Irish/Palestinian Solidarity
Radical Reflections: Conversations with the Connolly Youth Movement, Forgotten Revolution: Limerick Soviet of 1919
Revolutionary Left Radio: Easter Rising, Irish Republic Army: Anti-Imperialism, Guerilla Warfare, and National Liberation
Trademark Belfast: Apple Tax, What’s the point of Irish?, Sectarianism and its resilience

Current Events

COVID-19 & Capitalist Crisis

Why coronavirus could spark a capitalist supernova – John Smith
The world we all knew is gone, a new one has yet to be born – Donal
Covid-19: The Vietnamese Offensive – Kerry FleckThat old national question – still refusing to go away – Tommy McKearney
Latest Outbreak Exposes the Cutthroat Nature of Neoliberal Ireland – OM, CYM
Why do they fear a proper lockdown? – JF, CYM

Paul Morrin: The Brazilian Struggle in Ireland, Lockdown Again? Irish Gov Fumbles, Costs Lives w/ CYM Gen Sec
Prolekult: Collapse, American Carnage

Irish History Show: Celtic Tiger to Covid-19
Red Menace: On the State of Things, The Empire in Decay, The Revolutionary Moment and Its Future, The Plague, Political Economy, and Reactionary Protests
Revolutionary Left Radio: America on Fire, China, Covid-19, and the New Cold War
Trademark Belfast: A Worker’s Guide to Contemporary Capitalism (Pt. I), Economic and Social Impact of Covid, Conor McCabe, Post Covid Futures – Part One, Coronavirus and a crisis of Capitalism

The EU & Brexit

Their Internationalism and Ours – Paul O’Connell
The EU and Covid-19 – Tommy McKearney (video)
Europe is the Final Nail for Irish Farmers – FS, CYM
Ireland, the European Union and the Climate Crisis –  SÓM
The Unavoidable Question of the EU – Nicola Lawlor
The European Union’s Campaign to Rewrite History – AH, CYM

Paul Morrin: European Union, Imperialism and Brexit
Redfish: Fortress Europe: Refugees Not Welcome

Radical Reflections: The European Union: Leave, Fight Transform
Trademark Belfast: The EU and its response to the Covid crisis, A Brexit Special Brew

Irish Politics

The Meaning of ‘Power’ in a Post-GE2020 Ireland – AH, CYM
The Worm at the Core – Apple’s Daylight Robbery – DD, CYM
Coalition Troika Hacks Social Protections to Shreds: Who Benefits? – RH, CYM
Sinn Féin Must Re-Examine Relationship With the British Monarchy – TS, CYM
When Did These Clowns Start Caring About Mental Health? – AC, CYM

Radical Reflections: Irish Election Analysis
Trademark Belfast: CETA and the Logic of Capital Accumulation, Are we all Shinners now father?

Marxist Economics

Wage Labour and Capital – Karl Marx (pdf)
Value, Price and Profit – Karl Marx (pdf)
Reform or Revolution – Rosa Luxemburg (pdf)
Marx’s Economic Doctrine – V. I. Lenin
Political Economy: Part II, A, The Capitalist Mode of Production – A Textbook issued by the Economics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R (pdf)
Fundamentals of Political Economy – Shanghai People’s Press

David Harvey: Reading Marx’s Capital
The Irish Spark: Conor McCabe: Money
Red Menace: The Fundamentals of Marxism: Intro to Political Economy
Revolutionary Left Radio: Great Recession of 2008, Austerity Apparatus

Marxist Philosophy – Dialectical and Historical Materialism

Preface to A Contribution to a Critique of Political Economy – Karl Marx
The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism – V. I. Lenin
Anarchism or Socialism – J. V. Stalin (pdf)
Dialectical and Historical Materialism – J. V. Stalin (pdf)
On Practice – Mao Zedong (pdf)
Materialism and the Dialectical Method – Maurice Cornforth
Where Do Correct Ideas Come From? – Mao Zedong (pdf)

The German Ideology, Chapter I – Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels (pdf)
Socialism: Utopian and Scientific – Friedrich Engels (pdf)
Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy – Friedrich Engels
Essays in Historical Materialism – Georgi Plekhanov
On Contradiction – Mao Zedong (pdf)
Historical Materialism – Maurice Cornforth

Fundamentals of Marx: Dialectics, Historical Materialism
Luna oi!: How To Think Like a Vietnamese Communist: An Intro to Dialectical Materialism (Pt. 1 & 2)

Proles of the Round Table: Social Construction of History
Radical Reflections: Marxist Takes on Schooling and Education
Red Menace: Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, On Contradiction, On Practice, Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844
Revolutionary Left Radio: The Principal Contradiction: Applying Dialectical Materialism, Historical Materialism, Marxism As Science
Trademark Belfast: Hegemony – Ideology as ‘common sense’

Modern Imperialism


Imperialism and Socialism – James Connolly
Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism – V. I. Lenin (pdf)
Anti-Imperialist Viewpoint – J. C. Mariátegui
Political Economy: Part II, B. Monopoly Capitalism-Imperialism – A Textbook issued by the Economics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R (pdf)
U. S. Imperialism is a Paper Tiger – Mao Zedong (pdf)
The Wretched of the Earth – Frantz Fanon (pdf)
Neo-Colonialism, the Last Stage of Imperialism – Kwame Nkrumah
A United Front Against Debt – Thomas Sankara
Imperialism 101 – Michael Parenti
Imperialism in a Coffee Cup – John Smith

History & Today

How Europe Underdeveloped Africa – Walter Rodney (pdf)
Open Veins of Latin America – Eduardo Galeano
The Poorer Nations: A Possible History of the Global South – Vijay Prashad
Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower – William Blum (pdf)
Imperialism in the Twenty-First Century: the Globalization of Production, Super-Exploitation, and the Crisis of Capitalism – John Smith

Paul Morrin: The Iraq War, Modern China, and Religion with Hakim
Michael Parenti: The Darker Myths of Empire, To Kill A Nation
Socialist Voice: The Historical and Structural Origins of Racism in the USA Today – the Role of Settler Colonialism w/ Gerald Horne

Guerrilla History: Washington Bullets w/ Vijay Prashad
Rulers of the Planet – Michael Parenti
Marx Madness: How Europe Underdeveloped Africa: An Imperialism Addendum, Wretched of the Earth: Chapter 1.1
Radical Reflections: Defending Venezuela, The Jakarta Method: Cold War Crusades in Indonesia, No War With Iran: Against Capitalism and Imperialism
Red Menace: Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism, Wretched of the Earth (I, II, III)
Red Nation: Washington Bullets w/ Vijay Prashad, On Hybrid Wars, “Nothing human is alien to me”
Revolutionary Left Radio: Abby Martin, On Syria: Civil War and US Imperialism, Chilean Coup, IMF and the World Bank, Coup in VenezuelaVenezuela in Crisis

Scientific Socialism

Revolutionary Movement & Organisation

Briefly About Disagreements in the Party – J. V. Stalin (pdf)
Conclusion – extract from History of the CPSU (Bolsheviks) (pdf)
Combat Liberalism – Mao Zedong (pdf)
The Correct Handling of a Revolution – Huey P. Newton
A Basic Understanding of the Chinese Communist Party – CPC
Araling Aktibista: Lessons for Activists – CPP
Women’s Leadership and the Revolution in Nepal – Parvati
The Communist Necessity – J. Moufawad-Paul (pdf)

What Is To Be Done? – V. I. Lenin
‘Left-Wing’ Communism: An Infantile Disorder – V. I. Lenin
A Single Spark Can Light a Prairie Fire – Mao Zedong (pdf)
Reform Our Study – Mao Zedong (pdf)
Some Questions Concerning Methods of Leadership – Mao Zedong
Blood In My Eye – George L. Jackson


On Authority – Friedrich Engels
Critique of the Gotha Programme – Karl Marx
The State and Revolution – V. I. Lenin (pdf)
What is Soviet Power? – V. I. Lenin (Audio)
The Foundations of Leninism – J. V. Stalin (pdf)
On the People’s Democratic Dictatorship – Mao Zedong
On the Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People – Mao Zedong (pdf) (audio)
On Khrushchev’s Phoney Communism and its Historical Lessons for the World – Mao Zedong
Socialism and Man in Cuba – Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara
Create Two, Three, Many Vietnams –  Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara
Left Anti-Communism: The Unkindest Cut – Michael Parenti
When’s the revolution coming? – SÓM, SV (video)

What is the Meaning of the Left? – Vijay Prashad

Red Menace: What Is To Be Done, Foundations of Leninism, State and Revolution, “Left-Wing” Communism: An Infantile Disorder, The Civil War in France, Critique of the Gotha Programme
Revolutionary Left Radio: Blood In My Eye: The Black Colony, Revolutionary Strategy, and Dual Power, Communist Party Building
Trademark Belfast: The Need for Radical Political Education, Working Class Education


Selected Writings – Clara Zetkin
The Social Basis of the Woman Question – Alexandra Kollantai
Women’s Suffrage and Class Struggle – Rosa Luxemburg
The Labour of Women in the Evolution of the Economy – Alexandra Kollantai
Make Way for Winged Eros: A Letter to Working Youth – Alexandra Kollantai
The Second Sex – Simone De Beauvoir
The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution – Shulamith Firestone
Women’s Liberation is a Component Part of the Proletarian Revolution – Hsu Kwang
Wages for Housework – Silvia Federici
Women, Race & Class – Angela Davis (epub)
Philosophical Trends in the Feminist Movement – Anuradha Ghandy
Understanding Patriarchy – bell hooks
Marx on Gender and the Family: A Summary – Heather Brown
Feminism for the 99% – Cinzia Arruzza, Tithi Bhattacharya, and Nancy Fraser

A.K.47 – Selections from the Works of Alexandra Kollantai

LGBTQ+ Theory

Towards a Scientific Analysis of the Gay Question – Los Angeles Research Group (pdf)
Towards a Gay CommunismMario Mieli (pdf)
Trans Liberation: Beyond Pink or Blue – Leslie Feinberg (pdf)
Undoing Gender – Judith Butler
LGBT liberation: An essential working-class struggle – Leslie Feinberg
Rainbow Solidarity in Defense of Cuba – Leslie Feinberg
Why Communists Support Trans Rights – Faye Sarsfield, SV 

National Liberation

Marxism and the National Question – J. V. Stalin
The Socialist Revolution and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination – V. I. Lenin
The Path Which Led Me To Leninism – Ho Chi Minh (pdf) (audio)
The National Question – J. V. Stalin
Internationalism and Nationalism – Liu Shaoqi
For a Revolutionary Position on the Negro Question – Harry Haywood
The National Question – Ibrahim Kaypakkaya
National liberation: The United States and Ireland – SÓM (video)

Paul Morrin: Nationalism: Good or Bad?

Proles of the Round Table: Indigeneity
Red Menace: For a Revolutionary Position on the Negro Question
Revolutionary Left Radio: Race, Alienation, & Double Consciousness, Settler-Colonialism and Decolonisation, A History of the Lakota and Dakota People, The Palestinian Liberation Struggle

Ecology & the Climate Crisis

Dialectics of Nature (Chaps. 1-3, 8-9) – Friedrich Engels
The Paradox of Wealth: Capitalism and Ecological Destruction – J. B. Foster & Brett Clark
A Rational Agriculture is Incompatible with Capitalism – Fred Magdoff
Method in Ecological Marxism: Science and the Struggle for Change – Hannah Holleman
Facing the Anthropocene: Fossil Capitalism and the Crisis of the Earth System – Ian Angus
Dialectics of Climate Science: Liberalism vs. Marxism – CYM
The Robbery of Nature: Capitalism and the Ecological Rift – J. B. Foster & Brett Clark
The Origins of the Climate Crisis – JF (audio)
The Green New Deal is species suicide – Ted Reese

Invent The Future: Carbon, Pt. 1
Red Menace: Climate Change, Human Civilisation, and Questions Answered
Revolutionary Left Radio: The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming, Food Politics & Environmentalism: Climate Change, Hunger, & Veganism


The Struggle Against Fascism – Clara Zetkin
The Fascist Offensive and the Tasks of the Communist International in the Struggle of the Working Class against Fascism – Georgi Dimitrov (pdf)
Unity of the Working Class Against Fascism – Georgi Dimitrov (pdf)
After the Revolution Has Failed – George Jackson
Fascism and Social Revolution – Rajani Palme Dutt
Rational Fascism – Michael Parenti
Connolly vs. the Melted Cheeseheads – Fergal Twomey, CYM

Revolutionary Left Radio: Blood in my Eye: On Fascism and Class Warfare
Trademark Belfast: Fascism is Capitalism in Decay, Fascism 2020

Socialist States

Soviet Union

History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Chaps. 7.7-12) – U.S.S.R textbook (pdf)
Class Struggles in the USSR, 1917-23 & 1923-30 – Charles Bettelheim
The Russian Revolution: A View From the Third World – Walter Rodney
Another View of Stalin – Ludo Martens
Stalin: The History and Critique of a Black Legend – Domenico Losurdo
Two Commonwealths: Soviets and Ourselves – K. E. Holme 
Women in the Land of Socialism – Nina V. Popova
The Stalin Era – Anna Louise Strong
What Actually was a Gulag? – CYM
Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR – J. V. Stalin
Late Soviet Ecology and the Planetary Crisis – J. B. Foster
Socialism Betrayed: Behind the Collapse of the Soviet Union – Roger Keeran & Thomas Kenny

Roger Keeran & Thomas Kenny: Socialism Betrayed
Michael Parenti: Anti-Sovietism in the Media, Reflection on the Overthrow of Communism

Podcasts: The Man, the Myth & Legend of Joseph Stalin with Grover Furr
Proles of the Round Table: Fall of the USSR, Soviet Cinema, Grover Furr, “Antisemitism” in the USSR
Revolutionary Left Radio: Stalin

People’s Republic of China

Mao Tse-Tung on the Chinese Revolution – Chen Po-ta
Fanshen: A Documentary of Revolution in a Chinese Village – William Hinton
When Serfs Stood Up in Tibet – Anna Louise Strong (pdf)
The Rise of the Chinese People’s Communes – Anna Louise Strong
Hundred Day War: The Cultural Revolution at Tsinghua University – William Hinton
Rethinking Socialism: What is Socialist Transition? – Deng Yuan-Hsu & Pao-Yu Ching
The Battle for China’s Past: Mao and the Cultural Revolution – Mobo Gao
The Long Game and its Contradictions – He Zhao
Dialectical Materialism is the Worldview and Methodology of Chinese Communists – Xi Jinping

From Opium Wars to Trade Wars: China’s Long Path toward Socialism (From imperial China to the Century of Humiliation, National Liberation and Class Struggle, Twin Tasks of the Revolution, Is China capitalist?, China and the Global South) – PSL & Qiao Collective

Cosmopod: The Chinese Rural Commune with Zhun Xu
Proles of the Round Table: Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, China in the Era of Xi
Radical Reflections: In Defence of China: Opposing Western Aggression, Hong Kong
Revolutionary Left Radio: Mao Zedong and the Chinese Revolution, China as a Socialist State


Why Cuba Still Matters – Diana Raby
Cuba’s Urban Farming Revolution: How to Create Self-Sufficient Cities – Carey Clouse
Cuban Women: A Revolution Within the Revolution – Danae González Del Toro & Nuria Barbosa León
Cuba found to be most sustainably developed country in the world – Morning Star
The Urban Agriculture of Havana – Sinan Koont

Irish Spark: Cuba and the War Against COVID, The Cuban Ambassador to Ireland
Proles of the Round Table: Modern Cuba
Radical Reflections: Che Guevara: The Economics of Revolution, Contemporary Cuba: Socialism in Action
Revolutionary Left Radio: Cuba Today

People’s Democracies

Stasi State or Socialist Paradise? The German Democratic Republic And What Became Of It – Bruni De La Motte & John Green
Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism – Kristen Ghodsee
Bypassing Capitalism – B. Shirendyb
In North Korea: First Eye-Witness Report – Anna Louise Strong
Patriots, Traitors and Empires: The Story of Korea’s Struggle for Freedom – Stephen Gowans
The Imperialist Aggressors Can Never Enslave The Heroic Vietnamese People – Ho Chi Minh

Das Andere Leben (I: School, Childhood and Youth in the GDR; II: Work and Industry in the GDR; III: Democracy and Community in the GDR)
‘Patriots, Traitors and Empires’ book launch – Stephen Gowans
Is Vietnam socialist? – Luna oi!
Paul Morrin: Democracy and Work in the GDR

Proles of the Round Table: German Democratic Republic, Ho Chi Minh, Women in Vietnam, History of DPRK, Visit to DPRK
Radical Reflections: Defending the DPRK
Revolutionary Left Radio: Red Hangover, Women Behind the Iron Curtain, The Vietnam War


Origins of Capitalism

Condition of the Working Class in England – Friedrich Engels
Primitive Accumulation (Chaps. 26-32) – Karl Marx (pdf)
The Working Day (Chap. 10) – Karl Marx (pdf)
Machinery and Modern Industry (Chap. 15) – Karl Marx (pdf)
Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State – Friedrich Engels
The State – V. I. Lenin
Political Economy: Part One, Pre-Capitalist Modes of Production – USSR textbook (pdf)
The Making of the English Working Class – E. P. Thompson
Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation – Silvia Federici
The Origin of Capitalism – Ellen Meiksins Wood

Revolutionary Left Radio: Caliban and the Witch, Primitive Accumulation and the Social Construction of Race
Trademark Belfast: A Worker’s Guide to Historical Capitalism (Part I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII)

Revolutionary History

The Peasant War in Germany – Friedrich Engels
The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte – Karl Marx (pdf)
Civil War in France – Karl Marx
The Third International and Its Place in History – V. I. Lenin
Red Star Over the Third World – Vijay Prashad
Debunking Misconceptions Concerning the Spanish Civil War
Thirty Years of the Communist Party of China – Hu Chiao-Mu
Black Like Mao: Red China and Black Revolution – Robin D. G. Kelley & Betsy Esch
Walking with the Comrades – Arundhati Roy

History of the Paris Commune of 1871 – P. O. Lissagaray
History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Chaps. 1-7) – U.S.S.R textbook (pdf)
Ten Days That Shook the World – John Reed (pdf)
Red Star Over China – Edgar Snow (epub)
The Black Panthers Speak
Black against Empire: The History and Politics of the Black Panther Party – Joshua Bloom & Waldo E. Martin Jr.
Like Ho Chi Minh! Like Che Guevara!: The Revolutionary Left in Ethiopia, 1969-1979 – Ian Scott Horst

Paul Morrin: People’s War in the Phillipines: CPP-NPA, Socialism in India (Kerala and the Naxal Movement)
Michael Parenti: US Interventionism, the Third World and the USSR
Vijay Prashad: The Many Lives of Communism in the Third World

Guerrilla History: Women in Nepal’s Civil War
People’s History of Ideas
Proles of the Round Table: Paris Commune, Bolivarian Revolutions, Burkina Faso, Phillipines Then and Now
Radical Reflections: Sandinista Revolution: National Liberation in Nicaragua, Defending Venezuela
Revolutionary Left Radio: The Haitian RevolutionThe Black Panthers, Nicaraguan Revolution, “Communism Killed 100 Million”, Heavy Radicals

Revolutionary Lives

Twenty Years in Underground Russia: Memoirs of a Rank-and-File Bolshevik – Cecilia Bobrovskaya
My Life – Fidel Castro
James Connolly: A Full Life – Donal Nevin (epub)
Silage Choppers and Snake Spirits: The Lives and Struggles of Two Americans in Modern China – Dao-Yuan Chou
Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life – Jon Lee Anderson (epub/mobi)
Black Bolshevik – Harry Haywood (Buy)
Soledad Brother: The Prison Letters of George Jackson
With the Century – Kim Il-Sung
Autobiography of a Sexually Emancipated Communist Woman – Alexandra Kollantai
Reminiscences of Lenin – N. K. Krupskaya
The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg
Eleanor Marx – Yvonne Kapp
The Morning Deluge: Mao Tsetung and the Chinese Revolution, 1893–1954 – Han Suyin
Wind in the Tower: Mao Tsetung and the Chinese Revolution, 1949-1975 – Han Suyin
Revolutionary Suicide – Huey P. Newton
Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries: Survival, Revolt, and Queer Antagonist Struggle – Sylvia Rivera & Marsha P. Johnson
Assata: An Autobiography – Assata Shakur (epub)
Stalin: Man of Contradiction – K. N. Cameron
Autobiography – Malcolm X

Michael O’Riordan

Proles of the Round Table: Paul Robeson, Harry Haywood, Éloi Machoro
Revolutionary Left Radio: Che Guevara, Thomas Sankara, Fred Hampton, Malcom X, Rosa Luxemburg, Antonio Gramsci, Walter Rodney, Varavara Rao
Trademark Belfast: Joe Law

Other Interesting Reads

Why Socialism? – Albert Einstein
Anti-Dühring – Friedrich Engels
Speech at the Graveside of Karl Marx – Friedrich Engels
Capitalist Realism​: Is There No Alternative?​ – Mark Fisher
Pedagogy of the Oppressed – Paulo Freire
Long Live Leninism! – Hongqi
Remembering the Real Dragon – An Interview with George Jackson May 16 and June 29, 1971
Marxism and Revisionism – V. I. Lenin
Stand For Socialism Against Modern Revisionism – Armando Liwanag
Lenin and the Trade Union Movement – A. Lovozsky
Quotations from Mao Zedong (“Little Red Book”)
Functional Definition of Politics – Huey P. Newton
Women’s Liberation and Gay Liberation Movements – Huey P. Newton
Inventing Reality: The Politics of Mass Media – Michael Parenti (pdf)
The Murder Machine – P. H. Pearse
Marxism Versus Liberalism: An Interview with H. G. Wells – J. V. Stalin (pdf)
Trotskyism or Leninism? – J. V. Stalin
The Soul of Man Under Socialism – Oscar Wilde


  • Arsenal – Soviet war film depicting the civil war in the Ukraine.
  • Battle For Sevastopol – A story of Lyudmila Pavlichenko, the most successful female sniper in history.
  • The Battle of Algiers – In the 1950s, fear and violence escalate as the people of Algiers fight for independence from the French government.
  • Battleship Potemkin – In the midst of the Russian Revolution of 1905, the crew of the battleship Potemkin mutiny against the brutal, tyrannical regime of the vessel’s officers. The resulting street demonstration in Odessa brings on a police massacre.
  • Bloody Sunday – A dramatization of the Irish civil rights protest march and subsequent massacre by British troops on January 30, 1972.
  • Breaking With Old Ideas – Drama produced during the Cultural Revolution shows the struggle for popular control of education at a rural college during the Great Leap Forward.
  • Burn! – A slave revolt on Queimada impacts British sugar interests – the Brits intervene.
  • Che Part One – In 1956, Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara and a band of Castro-led Cuban exiles mobilize an army to topple the regime of dictator Fulgencio Batista.
  • Che Part Two – In 1967, Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara leads a small partisan army to fight an ill-fated revolutionary guerrilla war in Bolivia, South America.
  • La Chinoise – An amusing French film from the late ’60s depicts the world of several young Maoists.
  • Come And See – After finding an old rifle, a young boy joins the Soviet resistance movement against ruthless German forces and experiences the horrors of World War II.
  • Cry Freedom – South African journalist Donald Woods is forced to flee the country, after attempting to investigate the death in custody of his friend, the black activist Steve Biko.
  • Deacons for Defense – In 1965 a community of African-Americans in Louisiana organise themselves for self-defence.   
  • The East is Red – Epic Chinese musical dramatises their revolutionary struggle for national liberation & socialism.
  • Enthusiasm – Experimental Soviet film from 1931 celebrating industrialisation of the Ukraine during the first Five-Year Plan.
  • Fight For Us – Dramatic portrayal of revolutionaries in the Philippines following the fall of the Marcos dictatorship.
  • The Founding of an Army – In the midst of an intensifying class struggle the Chinese Communist Party, having suffered heavy defeats and betrayal, forms its own fighting force. 
  • The Founding of a Party – In the 1910’s China is in revolutionary upheaval amid tumultuous political changes. A small group of radical thinkers point a new way forward. 
  • The Founding of a Republic – Chinese blockbuster follows the final years of the civil war and the founding of a people’s republic.
  • Get Out – A young African-American visits his white girlfriend’s parents for the weekend, where his simmering uneasiness about their reception of him eventually reaches a boiling point.
  • Good Bye Lenin! – In 1990, to protect his fragile mother from a fatal shock after a long coma, a young man must keep her from learning that her beloved nation of East Germany as she knew it has disappeared.
  • The Hate U Give – This film follows the story of a young teenager who watches her friend get executed by police and her struggle for justice.
  • Hunger – Irish republican Bobby Sands leads the inmates of Long Kesh prison on a hunger strike.
  • I, Daniel Blake – After having suffered a heart-attack, a 59-year-old carpenter must fight the bureaucratic forces of the system in order to receive Employment and Support Allowance.
  • Jimmy’s Hall – During the Depression, Jimmy Gralton returns home to Ireland after ten years of exile in America. Seeing the levels of poverty and oppression, the activist in him reawakens and he looks to re-open the dance hall that led to his deportation.
  • Kes – A young, English working-class boy spends his free time caring for and training his pet falcon.
  • Liberation – This five part WW2 epic drama gives a dramatized detailed account of the five major eastern front Soviet campaigns against Nazi Germany.
  • Lucía – Cuban film dramatising key moments in Cuban history as seen through the eyes of three women named Lucía.
  • Made in Dagenham – A dramatization of the 1968 strike at the Ford Dagenham car plant, where female workers walked out in protest against sexual discrimination.
  • Malcolm X – Biographical epic of the controversial and influential Black Nationalist leader, from his early life and career as a small-time gangster, to his ministry as a member of the Nation of Islam.
  • Mother – Soviet drama depicting the role of a woman during the 1905 Russian Revolution.
  • The Motorcycle Diaries – The dramatization of a motorcycle road trip Che Guevara went on in his youth that showed him his life’s calling.
  • October 1917 (Ten Days That Shook The World) – In documentary style, events in Petrograd are re-enacted from the end of the monarchy in February of 1917 to the end of the provisional government and the decrees of peace and of land in November of that year.
  • Okja – A young girl risks everything to prevent a powerful, multinational company from kidnapping her best friend – a fascinating beast named Okja.
  • Pride – U.K. gay activists work to help miners during their lengthy strike of the National Union of Mineworkers in the summer of 1984.
  • Rabbit-Proof Fence – In 1931, three aboriginal girls escape after being plucked from their homes to be trained as domestic staff and set off on a journey across the Outback.
  • The Red Detachment of Women – A young woman seeking revenge against her former slave-owner joins the communist struggle in 1930s China.
  • Rosie – A recent Irish film showing the cruel reality of the housing crisis as a mother is made homeless and tries to look after her family.
  • Shake Hands With The Devil – In 1921 war is raging in Dublin city as the Irish Republican Army battles the Black and Tans.
  • Song For A Raggy Boy – “Song for a Raggy Boy” is based on the true story of a single teacher’s courage to stand up against an untouchable prefect’s sadistic disciplinary regime and other abuse in a Catholic Reformatory and Industrial School in 1939 Ireland.
  • Sorry to Bother You – Dystopic but frighteningly real film from 2018, written and directed by Boots Riley, depicting workers’ struggle and exploitation under neoliberal capitalism.
  • Sparking Red Star – Chinese film produced during the Cultural Revolution depicts a young boy’s radicalisation as he struggles alongside his people against their cruel landlord.
  • Stonewall – A young man’s political awakening and coming of age during the days and weeks leading up to the Stonewall Riots.
  • Strike – Soviet Silent Historical Film. The film depicts a strike in 1903 by the workers of a factory in pre-revolutionary Russia, and their subsequent suppression.
  • Suffragette – In 1912 London, a young working mother is galvanized into radical political activism supporting the right for women to vote, and is willing to meet violence with violence to achieve this end.
  • También la lluvia – ‘Even the Rain’ follows a film crew during the water war that erupted when Bolivia was forced to privatise its water.
  • Tangsir – Iranian revenge thriller of a wronged man.
  • They Do Not Exist – Incredible footage of the Palestinian liberation struggle & the violent terror of the Israeli regime.
  • Trumbo – In 1947, Dalton Trumbo was Hollywood’s top screenwriter, until he and other artists were jailed and blacklisted for their political beliefs.
  • The Wall – Teenagers struggle to survive in a Turkish prison.
  • The Wind That Shakes The Barley – Against the backdrop of the Irish revolutionary period, two brothers fight a guerrilla war against the British Empire, each developing different views of what the struggle for national liberation means.
  • The Young Karl Marx – Follows the life of Karl Marx as a young man in his 20s, engaged in revolutionary activity and developing revolutionary ideas.


  • 13th – A history of the oppression of African-Americans, charting how slavery continues to this today in the form of mass incarceration. 
  • 1948: Creation and Catastrophe – An intimate account of the establishment of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.
  • The Act of Killing – Shocking insight into the forgotten genocide of communists, workers and peasants in Indonesia in 1965-66 – through the eyes of those who perpetrated it.
  • Atlantic – Documentary about the two major resources of the North Atlantic, fish and oil, and the impact of their exploitation on the environment.
  • Bakur: Inside the PKK – An on-the-ground view of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party & their decades-long war for national liberation & socialism against the Turkish state.
  • The Barefoot Doctors of Rural China – Intimate depiction of healthcare in early socialist China.
  • The Battle of Chile – In 1973 the democratically elected socialist leader of Chile was overthrown by a CIA-backed fascist military coup. This three-part documentary uses on-the-ground footage  and interviews to show the many sides this tumultuous moment in the country’s history. 
  • The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution – This documentary tells the rise and fall of the Black Panther Party, one of the 20th century’s most alluring and controversial organizations that captivated the world’s attention for nearly 50 years.
  • The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 – Charts the development of the African-American liberation struggle during some of its most tumultuous years, with appearances from Angela Davis, Stokely Carmichael, leading Black Panthers and many more.
  • Blazing Trail: A Journey Through The Indian Revolution – A history of the inspiring Indian communist movement.
  • China: A Century of Revolution – An overview of the Chinese Revolution with archival footage and interviews. 
  • Concerning Violence – The opening chapter of Frantz Fanon’s classic ‘The Wretched of the Earth’ is brought to life with narration by Lauryn Hill, powerfully elucidating the need for violence of the oppressed to conquer and defeat the violence of imperialism.
  • Cuba and the Cameraman – An American filmmaker documents the development of socialist Cuba from the 1970s.
  • A Dying Culture – A recent Marxist-Leninist documentary critiquing all elements of our culture today as capitalism faces its final crisis.
  • The Earth of the Revolution – An insight into the ongoing struggle of the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People’s Army.
  • Even the Olives Were Bleeding – In the late 1930s men & women came from across the globe to support the republican, anti-fascist cause in the Spanish Civil War – many Irish republicans, socialists & communists were among them.
  • Eyes of the Rainbow – The Assata Shakur Story – Infamous Black revolutionary, still in exile in Cuba, tells her story.
  • Finally Got The News – In the late ’60s the League of Revolutionary Black Workers arises to fight for better conditions in Detroit’s car factories.
  • Five Broken Cameras – A documentary on a Palestinian farmer’s chronicle of his nonviolent resistance to the actions of the Israeli army.
  • George Jackson – Day of the Gun – The story of George Jackson, a Black communist murdered in prison.
  • Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair – A journalist and filmmaker is delving for years into a local group of the Greek neo-Nazi party “Golden Dawn”.
  • Grenada: The Future Coming Toward Us – Incredible footage of the short-lived Grenadian revolution in the early 1980s. 
  • History is Marching – A Marxist-Leninist documentary from 2018 critiquing the thesis that history has ended, showing how tensions between imperialist powers continue to intensify.
  • The Houses Are Full of Smoke: The CIA in Guatemala – Interviews & on-the-ground footage reveal the extent of the U.S. involvement in Guatemala in the ’80s.
  • The Houses Are Full of Smoke: The CIA in Nicaragua – On-the-ground footage of the US intervention in socialist Nicaragua.
  • HyperNormalisation – Adam Curtis explains how, at a time of confusing and inexplicable world events, politicians and the people they represent have retreated in to a damaging over-simplified version of what is happening.
  • I Am Not Your Negro – Based on the writings of James Baldwin, this documentary explores the history of racism in the United States.
  • I, Dolours – Leading IRA volunteer, Dolours Price, tells her story. 
  • If a Tree Falls: A story of the Earth Liberation Front – A rare behind-the-curtain look at the Earth Liberation Front, the radical environmental group that the FBI calls America’s ‘number one domestic terrorist threat.’
  • Inside the New People’s Army (Pts. 1 & 2) – Communists in the Philippines are waging an armed struggle against feudalism, colonialism, capitalism, and Duterte’s repressive state. A rare glimpse of the NPA from the inside.
  • James Connolly: A Working Class Hero – Interesting documentary on the life and works of our ever-inspiring namesake, the incredible James Connolly.
  • Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance – Indigenous resistance to settler-colonialism in Canada culminates in the explosive 1990 Oka crisis. 
  • The Lab – The film reveals The Lab, which has transformed the Israeli military occupation of Gaza and the West Bank from a burden to a marketable, highly profitable, national asset.
  • Leila Khaled: Hijacker – Compelling account of the legendary Palestinian freedom fighter.
  • The Long March – Eight-part series produced in China details the history and background of the world-renowned Long March when the communists of China embarked on a daring 9,000 kilometer journey in order to evade the enemy, preserve their forces and continue the people’s struggle for liberation and socialism. 
  • The Look of Silence – A man whose brother was murdered during the 1965-66 genocide of Indonesian communists and poor confronts the killers.
  • Loyal Citizens of Pyongyang in Seoul – Documentary uncovering the truth behind the lies of north Korean ‘defectors’.
  • The Man with the Hat – Accompanied by intimate interviews, it follows the life of Seán Garland, General-Secretary of the Workers’ Party, against the backdrop of enormous shifts in Ireland and the world.
  • Maoist Insurgency India – Short documentary on the contemporary Communist Party of India (Maoist) and their people’s war, containing interviews with the combatants.  
  • My Brothers and Sisters in the North – A German-Korean woman from the south visits the north for the first time and observes ordinary life there.
  • NATO Targets – Yugoslavia – Gloria La Riva reveals how the “humanitarian intervention” in Yugoslavia by the Western powers actually created a humanitarian crisis, devastating innocent lives and destroying the federation for the sake of imperialist interests. 
  • Nepal’s Maoist Revolution – In 2003 communists control a third of Nepal, and, through their people’s war, aim to end feudalism, imperialism, women’s oppression and poverty. 
  • No Go! – Docudrama following the IRA in Derry in the early ’70s, focusing particularly on the recent split.
  • On Company Business: The CIA – The disturbing history of imperialist America’s Central Intelligence Agency.
  • Paris is Burning – A chronicle of New York’s drag scene in the 1980s, focusing on balls, voguing and the ambitions and dreams of those who gave the era its warmth and vitality.
  • The Patriot Game – Contemporary footage & commentary offers an intimate insight into the republican struggle of the 1960s & ’70s. 
  • People of the Shining Path – Intimate snapshot of the Peruvian people’s war at its height in the early 1990s.
  • Red Ant Dream – Today in India indigenous communists are leading a war against the Indian state & foreign capital as these forces attempt to destroy their communities & environment.
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Televised – In April 2002, an Irish film crew is making a documentary about Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez when go tobann a coup from the US-backed right-wing opposition is launched.
  • The Rocky Road to Dublin – 1967 documentary film by Irish-born journalist Peter Lennon and French cinematographer Raoul Coutard, examining the contemporary state of the Republic of Ireland, posing the question, “what do you do with your revolution once you’ve got it?”
  • Sankara: The Upright Man – Documentary on the life of Thomas Sankara, the inspiring socialist leader of Burkina Faso.
  • System Error – Examines the 2008 financial crisis, as well as the general contradictions of today’s capitalist economy.
  • The True Cost – A documentary film exploring the impact of fashion on people and the planet.
  • They Say They Will – History of the Revolutionary Communist Party-USA, with interviews from its members.
  • United in Anger: A History of ACT UP – A history of the AIDS activist movement in the U.S.
  • The Unknown War – Twenty-part documentary on the Soviet Union in World War Two, demonstrating the inspiring struggle of the people to take back their country and eventually defeat Nazi Germany. Uses incredible war-time footage.
  • Unquiet Graves – The story of how victim’s campaigns uncovered collusion of the highest level between loyalist murder gangs and the British state.
  • Voices from the Grave – The testimony of two combatants from opposite sides of the conflict illuminates the reality of the Troubles. 
  • The Wanted 18 – In the midst of the First Intifada, some Palestinians set up a dairy collective. Israeli forces deem their eighteen cows as a threat to national security.
  • The Weight of Chains – Following the defeat of socialism in Yugoslavia, the imperialist powers invaded and broke up the federation in order to create neo-colonies for the West.
  • The Weight of Chains 2 – Serbian filmmaker Boris Malagurski reveals how neoliberal reforms following Western intervention destroyed the nations of former Yugoslavia.
  • How Yukong Moved the Mountains – An extended documentary shot in China during the Cultural Revolution in the early ’70s. French filmmakers show how drastically Chinese society has changed, demonstrating the massive strides taken under socialism as well as the challenges involved.


  • The Good Person of Szechwan – Bertolt Brecht
    A play depicting the struggle of being a good person within capitalism, demonstrating the patriarchal nature of society and our need to conform to this in order to survive.
  • Danton’s Death – Georg Buchner
    A thundering dramatisation of the most extraordinary scenes of the French Revolution, of eloquence and execution.
  • A Tempest – Aimé Césaire
    Short play adapting Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ through a radical lens.
  • What Is To Be Done – Nikolai Chernyshevsky
    A classic Russian novel about a revolutionary couple. It was an inspiration to many famous revolutionaries such as Vladimir Lenin, Alexandra Kollantai and Rosa Luxemburg.
  • Stone Butch Blues – Leslie Feinberg
    A landmark piece about sexuality and gender, this novel explores what it means to be queer in an oppressive capitalist society.
  • Mother – Maxim Gorky
    A classic novel about a radical woman in the context of the dire poverty and degradation of factory work in pre-revolutionary Russia.
  • Catch-22 – Joseph Heller
    This absurdist anti-war novel is the birthplace of Milo Minderbinder, the most influential capitalist caricature in American literature.
  • The Field – John B. Keane
    A land dispute leads to tragedy in rural Munster. 
  • A Great Love – Alexandra Kollantai
    Short novel about a communist woman’s struggle between her own work and that of the unappreciative man she loves.
  • Plough and the Stars – Sean O’Casey
    Set during the Easter Rising, O’Casey depicts the experience of working-class Dubliners during 1916.
  • How the Steel Was Tempered (Pt. 1 & 2) – Nikolai Ostrovsky
    An epic of socialist realism, semi-autobiographical, charting the course of the Russian Revolution over a decade from the perspective of a young man.
  • John Bull’s Other Island – George Bernard Shaw 
    An amusing play about an English liberal and his Irish colleague investing in a small Irish village. 
  • The Fever – Wallace Shawn
    Introspective play dealing with alienation, radicalisation, and living comfortably in a world full of so much horror.
  • And Quiet Flows the Don – Mikhail Sholokhov
    This epic novel by a Nobel Prize Winner and member of the Soviet government shows the experience of a peasant family during Russia’s revolutionary period – from World War I through two revolutions to foreign intervention and civil war.


  • Another Slice – Their video ‘How To Unionize Your Workplace’, along with ‘How To Save Your Job From COVID-19’ and ‘The Boss’s Job’ takes the channel in a more tangible workplace-related format than the high theory or pop culture bait of larger content creators.
  • Communist Party – Communist Party of Britain’s YouTube channel features content from the CP and from across the working class & labour movement. The 47min piece on Trotskyism is a particularly popular feature.
  • ContraPoints – Natalie Wynn is easily one of the most famous lefty YouTubers out there. From ‘Incles’ to ‘Autogynephilia’, Wynn mixes video essays with over the top art direction for a palatable breakdown of some of the most argued over issues. Her 100 minute long piece on Cancel Culture is a must-watch for any avid twitter users.
  • Flea Market Socialist – If you’ve had your fill of video essays, Flea Market’s short memes and joke pieces might be what you need at the end of a long day selling your labour to parasites.
  • Folding Ideas – “This is the YouTube channel where I talk about narrative theory: the mechanisms of storytelling. This encompasses the wider communications theories about the way that we process information, the techniques of how those messages are delivered, and the conglomerate application of all of the above.”
  • The Forge News – Introductions to Marxist concepts alongside communist analysis of news events.
  • Hakim – This Iraqi communist has produced some great pieces tackling the biggest myths thrown at socialist beliefs today. ‘Capitalism HASN’T Lifted Millions from Poverty’, ‘X Socialist Country Has Failed!’, ‘No Innovation Under Socialism’ and ‘Capitalism, Not Corporatism’ are some particular gems.
  • Kay And Skittles – With his ferret comrade, Skittles, Kay brings a Marxist analysis to pop culture topics such as masculinity through Robert Pattinson’s roles in Twilight and The Lighthouse, middle class anxieties in Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ and an absolutely brutal 4-part series dissecting the horrendous understanding of political ideologies depicted in Avatar: The Legend of Korra.
  • Luna Oi! – Life and politics in Vietnam is broken down into a variety of video essays. Luna’s April 2020 video ‘Is Vietnam Socialist?’ does a great job highlighting the difference between Covid-19 responses in socialist and capitalist states.
  • The New Anti-Capitalist Film Gallery – An absolute treasure-trove of documentaries, videos and films on revolutionary history.
  • Paul Morrin – Irish communist breaks down Marxist ideas in short, enjoyable videos. His livestreams with a wide variety of guests are always fun and enlightening. 
  • Peter Coffin – Starting as a comedian and song parodist, Peter took to left wing video essays and brought some of his stage skills with him. Some of his most popular pieces include dissecting ‘The Red Pill’, overpopulation myths, horseshoe theory and ideologies around consumerism.
  • Prolekult – Interested in an explanation for why the world is falling apart? Prolekult’s extended video essays & documentaries offer a Marxist analysis of why and how capitalism has reached its limits, examining everything from culture to inter-imperialist contradictions. 
  • Rad Reads – Come all ye communist book-nerds and/or those looking for radical reading recommendations – this is the channel for you. 
  • Radical Reviewer – If you’re looking for some assistance or suggestions for your next literary adventure, Radical Reviewer might help save you some time by suggesting some of the must-read/see books/films of the year. Did I mention the host is a dog?
  • Rania Khalek – Lebanese-American journalist offers short break-downs of current events, focusing particularly on the U.S. and their empire.
  • Renegade Cut – From the US 2020 Election to a breakdown of American mythology in the Simpsons, Leon Thomas of Renegade Cut has been pumping out some interesting leftists perspectives of politics, philosophy and modern culture with 5 years of a back catalogue all available watch.
  • Rising (The Hill) – If yank politics gets you going, few do it better than Krystal Ball, who highlights the contradictions and hypocrisy of ‘progressive’ US publications and politicians. Worth keeping in mind that The Hill’s founder and parent company are far from socialist revolutionaries, so expect some bias.
  • Space Babies – Marxist video essays on everything from gentrification to hip-hop.
  • Three Arrows – Self proclaimed ‘history baller’, Dan breaks down fascism and the tendencies and ideas that build fascist movements, along with destroying some of the century-old anti-communist propaganda rehashed by Jordan Peterson, Steven Crowder and other fashy digital demagogues.