Solidarity with those facing state oppression

International solidarity with Palestine is extremely vital as Israel ramps up its retaliation against Palestinian resistance. However, those who express this solidarity are being met with backlash from state forces. 

The PSNI are currently carrying out an enquiry into PBP MLA Gerry Carroll after he posted “Victory to the Palestinian Resistance” on Twitter. 

In Dublin, a Garda riot squad clashed with protestors outside the Israeli embassy and an AIA activist was arrested and charged with criminal damage after throwing red paint over the door of the embassy. 

The British and Irish states have for years called for a peaceful solution to the conflict in Palestine, and yet by attempting to criminalise peaceful protests they make this impossible to achieve. 

We anticipate that as the EU and UK continue to stand with Israel in its genocidal ambitions that the repression of Palestine solidarity activists in Ireland will continue and become more intense. 

We call on all allies of Palestine to remain unwavering in your support for Palestinian resistance in the face of heightened Israeli propaganda and potential state repression. The Irish and Palestinian people have a rich history of solidarity in our shared struggles for national liberation. This tradition must continue, in spite of the imperialist interests of those in power.

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