CYM Dublin host women’s emancipation seminar

This weekend, the Dublin branch of the Connolly Youth Movement held a day-long seminar on the question of women’s emancipation.

The seminar began with a presentation looking at the emergence of women’s oppression with the first economic division of labour in the late stages of feudalism. 

The seminar centred around the resolution on women’s emancipation developed and adopted by the seventh congress of the Communist Party of Mexico.

The seminar was well attended by those who didn’t have a background in Marxist theories of women’s liberation.

With the controversial and radical confrontation of contemporary feminism contained in the Mexican resolution, the day’s discussion was focused on the struggle the idealist tendencies present in today’s bourgeois women’s movement, and emphasise a class-centric approach.

The CYM hopes this seminar will help to further develop women’s politics in Dublin.

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