15th Congress of the South African Communist Party elects new General Secretary

At the 15th Congress of the SACP, Solly Mapila (cover image left) was chosen by the membership to serve as the party’s new General Secretary. The CYM sent the following message to the party to congratulate them on this momentous occasion:   The Connolly Youth Movement would like to extend our warmest fraternal regards to … Read more

UKRAINE WAR: Joint Statement of Communist and Workers’ Parties — No to the imperialist war!

As the war in Ukraine reaches the end of its second week, the Connolly Youth Movement reiterates its opposition to both Russian aggression, and NATO antagonism and exacerbation of the conflict. As we write, thousands of refugees flee their homes, while thousands more, workers all, engage in futile and bloody battle at the behest and … Read more

The CYM Condemns War in Ukraine

We call on Ireland to give voice to the humanitarian spirit of its people, whose own struggles sent them in mourning and in penury to all shores, to give refuge to the homeless and endangered of Ukraine and Russia, to those psychologically impacted by the realities of conflict. he workers of all nations are our brothers and sisters, and we must risk our own lives to prevent machines of death from passing through our country to kill them.

CYM Statement on Disaffiliation

PUBLIC STATEMENT CYM Ard Comhairle, 18/01/21 On the 9th of January, 2021 the Connolly Youth Movement convened an Extraordinary Ard Fheis (EOAF) to determine the nature of our relationship to the Communist Party of Ireland. This EOAF was called as a result of a series of political discussions that had occurred within the CYM in … Read more

Friends of the CYM Patreon FAQ

The CYM does not have any wealthy financial backers to bankroll its activities and as a result it does not have any full-time organisers. The organisation finances its day to day activities on the principle of from each according to their ability, to each according to their need.