The North is When? Abortion Rights in the Six Counties

AR, Béal Feirste Cover Photo Credit: Ciara McMullan Photography In January 2017, the leading parties in the Stormont executive, the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) and Sinn Féin, split over the DUP’s handling of a green energy scandal, causing the executive to collapse. This meant that, in the absence of executive ministers, civil servants were running the country. However, because … Read more

Imperial Morality in Turmoil

AH, BAC The humanitarian response towards Ukraine and its people from Ireland has been unprecedented. This country is known for its staunch and proud defence of Palestine, and has outdone itself in its support for Ukraine.  Something about this war has invoked a deep sense of humanitarianism and empathy, that no other event has, or … Read more

Ireland’s neutrality must be respected and upheld at all costs

Since the state’s formation, neutrality in international affairs has been a key tenet of foreign policy considerations in the 26 counties. However, it is a tenet that has seen continuous challenges from successive governments, and has been eroded by measures such as the south’s participation in EU Battlegroups, and by its co-operation with the EU’s … Read more

Still a Long Way from 25 May

Denial of access to abortion services has the potential to jeopardise a persons physical and mental health and denies them autonomy, dignity and freedom. The denial of abortion access is a form of violence and oppression and reflects a patriarchal agenda concerned with the control of the sexuality and bodies of women and pregnant people. It is crucial that we stand with women and pregnant people and ensure that they are given the reproductive rights and care that they deserve. 

What Makes a Free Press?

The concept of a free press has always been pushed in capitalist society. Journalists and newspapers, we’re told, act as a force of neutral arbitrators, who bring the truth to the people and offer honest analysis of current affairs. This simplistic definition, however, hides the true nature of the so-called “free” press and, in the name of free speech, affords them freedom from criticism.

The Killing of George Nkencho

The recent shooting of George Nkencho has re-started the debate regarding Black Lives Matter, racism, the role of the Gardaí and all lives/white lives matter. The Connolly Youth Movement has had a few members attend the recent solidarity vigils and many of us have engaged in extensive debate with members of the public. This commentary has been formulated from those discussions.