Letters from Afar: An Interview with Anakbayan

“Anakbayan (Children of the People) is the comprehensive national-democratic mass organisation of the Filipino youth, organising from all different sectors of the youth, from the communities, students, workers, women, LGBTQ+, national minorities and all other concentrations of youth in the Philippines. It is one of the most steadfast organisations in waging forward the national democratic struggle of the Filipino people against US imperialism and domestic feudalism… Its role in the national-democratic struggle is an important one because without a comprehensive youth organisation, the struggle would die out as there would be no new blood there to carry out its tasks towards its victory.”

The Palestinian Cause is a Cause for Every Revolutionary

Rather than being something unique and otherwordly, something beyond our comprehension due to its age and complexity, the Palestinian struggle is not exceptional. It is one of a broad tapestry of anti-imperialist and anti-colonial struggles. By insisting on their exceptional nature, they are condemned to a suspended animation: endlessly admired and supported for their resistance, but lacking the ability to draw on the successful struggles of others to inform their own. They are however, not alone, but are supported by a pantheon of peoples that understand their struggle and show solidarity out of experience.

Quarantining in China: An interview with an Irish emigrant

“It is hard to watch things back home and see how they should be done, and how they could be done. Its not rocket science. The people and the party go hand in hand, and people do see the benefit of doing these things and that’s why they’re happy to do it”

The Abraham Accords: Imperialist Deception

The Abraham Agreement is a false idol, it has betrayed the Palestinian people who are fighting the diabolical systemic destruction of their nationhood and its words are hypocritical. It is written with the same hands that are drenched in the blood of Palestinians who have been slaughtered in imperial conquest. The agreement only serves to consolidate the imperialist economies in the region and to provide a more advantageous position for further colonisation.